From all of the interviews in person, by phone and by survey, I discovered a vast amount about common practice, challenges, resourcing, and training. My key findings are broken out below.

  1. Project and Methodology: about the project and the methodology I used to undertake the research.
  2. Assumptions: the assumptions made.
  3. Practice: what is being done, why, and how.
  4. Risk: attitudes towards risk and digital.
  5. Conflict: the emergence of competing goals.
  6. Structure, Strategy and Purpose: how offices are set up and configured, and the implications for digital.
  7. Training: how teams are recruited and trained.
  8. Resilience: what happens when things go wrong.
  9. Content: the role of content in strategy.
  10. Technology and integration: the role of technology in digital.
  11. Recommendations: what we should be doing going forwards, and why.