Firstly, though I have thanked these already, my organisational partners.

I am hugely grateful for the support of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for funding the bulk of my fellowship and travel.

Hubbub Fundraising supported me with the time – and a contribution towards travel – for the research.

More Partnership has provided me with substantial assistance, support and dissemination planning – culminating in my presentation at the Case Europe Annual Conference 2017.


I am hugely grateful for the following institutions and individuals who agreed to be interviewed in person or by phone as a result of my research, and also to those who participated in my electronic research.

Anthony Donaldson and Jordana Torres, Northeastern University
Timothy Poisson, MIT
Stephanie Quinn, Boston University
Hillary Babick, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Bill Reidy and Todd Gibbs, Sacred Heart University
Cindy Link, Berklee College of Music
Diana Curran, Worcester State University
Kimberley Riga, Quinnipiac University
Laura McGinley, New York University
Allen Rosso, CloEve Demmer, Rachel Ely, Columbia University
Nicole Souza, Baruch College, CUNY
Amy Leveen, Barnard College, Columbia University
Jocelyn Kane, Yale University
Leanna Powell, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Greer Griffith, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
Megan Farmer, University of Maryland
Peter Hayashida, UC Riverside
Perry Radford and Mark Longo, CalTech
Ryan Lawrence, UC Berkeley
Eric Hornik, Seattle University
Alonda Williams, Bellevue College
Sean Vincent, University of Puget Sound
Yvonne Ohara, Langara College
Darren Cordeiro, Capilano University
Ariel Liu, Vancouver Community College
Jennifer Doak-Mathewson, University of Connecticut
Alicia Hinckley, Pacific Lutheran University
Jeffrey D. Stauch, Middlebury College
Michael Richmond, University of Maryland University College
Eva Gogola, University of Michigan – Dearborn
Lola Mauer, Ball State University
Sarah Cormier, Clark University
Suellen Mann, Palm Beach State College Foundation
Sabina Otteman, Hope College
Lee Davis, Agnes Scott College
Elizabeth Billings, Concordia University Wisconsin and Concordia University Ann Arbor
Erin Cleghorn, Meredith College
Heather Fairbanks, Greenville College/Greenville University
Cameron Hall, Augustana College
John Bannigan, University of St Thomas, Minnesota
Sarah Pineo, Allegheny College
Paula Moss, Benedictine College
Harmonie Farrow, Texas Christian University
Linda McIntosh, Boston College
Laura Kramer-Lucas, Baylor University
Frances Neu, St Petersburg College Foundation
Kelly Courington, Bethel College
Theresa Lee, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Bryan Fegley, Barton College
Chris McBride, California Polytechnic State University
Sharon Conklin, Azusa Pacific University
Jayanne Sevast, Penn State College of Medicine
Erik H. Vogel, Southwest Minnesota State University
Irene Amoros, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Anonymous, University of Central Florida


I would like to thank Ian Edwards, Rachel Hall, Katherine Carter, Lewis Clayton, and Scott Remington for agreeing to review this work and providing substantial input and advice on improving it. I am sure that I have stolen and borrowed countless of their ideas, innovations and observations along with their clarity of communication in delivery. Rest assured that this work is not my own – it belongs to all of us.


I would like to personally thank Esther Foreman, for recommending the Winston Churchill Fellowship to me, and Thomas Coke, my former Hubbub colleague, who spent countless hours driving with me through the snow on the East Coast part of my trip.

Thank you to Kristina Hagen, my sister in law, who made the Washington DC part of the trip so memorable.

I would also like to thank Kiran, my fiancee, who travelled with me, supported me in my research, and has been an invaluable contributor to the environment that has made this work possible.


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